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This API forms part of the Capacity for Loss journey along with the Risk Questionnaire Profiler and the Investment Forecast. It forecasts the risk with the highest likelihood of meeting the target. For a long term and at the 50th percentile this will be the highest risk. Reducing the percentile option would represent a lower capacity for loss and result in an outcome that uses a lower level of investment risk.

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The API store provides How-To guides that show examples and a possible use case for each API. This example has been adapted from the Capacity for Loss How-To Guide.

Bob has been risk rated as a highly adventurous investor, 5 on EValue's 5-risk scale. However, he is keen to avoid the downsides that investing can bring and therefore wants a minimum return of £14,500 on his £15,000 investment over 10 years. EValue's Capacity for loss API calculates that Bob should invest in a risk level 3 in order to ensure that he has a 90% chance of exceeding his minimum return.

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This API requires 4 credits, you can learn more about credits in the pricing area.

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